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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do You have Less friends in Facebook, You can be Banned from FB!

 If you don’t have enough friends on Facebook, you might surely lose your Facebook account. Its now time to protect your Facebook account from ban. This epic decision was taken the social networking giant Facebook itself. Recently a day before, Facebook mentioned their huge effort to weed out fake profiles. Facebook now will prevent misuse of such identities, who create a fake pages to get someones attention. Facebook India Business Manager Mr. Pavan Varma said that Facebook will ask any user to identify themselves when they doubt the ownership of an account.

This doubt about the authenticity of a Facebook account, will  rise if any account has generic name instead of a proper name. People cannot use images of celebrities/cartoon characters as display pictures. Even if people who have very less friends are asked to prove their original identity. Facebook might ask any user to prove their identity with a proper authentication. The message might be some what like this, “Could you help us identify yourself if you don’t have enough friends, because we don’t want fake identities,”

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Ban: 

So to protect your Facebook account from ban, you have to keep few things in mind.
1) Don’t use a universal name or a popular name in your profile name. Just use your real name in your Facebook account.
2) Maintain more friends in Facebook. Because less friends might block you from Facebook, considering you as a fake account.
3) Don’t use a celebrity or a cartoon picture as you Facebook display (profile) picture.
4) Don’t support Spam, Bots or any kind of programmable files in your profile.
Facebook India said they are not worried to protect their brand name, but infact they are worried about the experience which they deliver. Recently, there were a lot of reports regarding the fake accounts being created by computer programs. These computer programmed Facebook accounts are used for inflating certain number of likes on Facebook pages for branding.
Facebook has announced saying, We will take out even the fake likes generated by spammers, malware and black marketers. Pavan Varma said, “How does and advertiser today is treating a Facebook page? It is treated as a place where they just come with a number of people who are seen there. This is not the correct way of doing it” . He said, stressing that the conversations around a brand should assume importance, rather than the number of fans seen there. Mere Likes on a page will not help a brand to grow online. Usually companies pay Facebook for a dedicated page on its platform. This will allow Facebook to connect them to a target audience.
I hope everyone will keep their Facebook profiles safe and secure. You never knew when Facebook might delete your account all of the sudden. So do check the guidelines we gave above, and keep your Facebook profile updated with correct info. Doing this will surely keep your account safe and long going. If you want to protect your Facebook account from ban, feel free to share with us.

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