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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Earn Money on Facebook by "LIKE"

Mylikes is a social media advertising company.  You can earn through this website easily.  You can earn up to Rs.9/- for every like on a ad you display.

How to get Start?
Step1:  You have to Sing Up (For Free).
Step2.   Add both Facebook & Twitter account if you have, and either one of these.
Step3.   Copy the links provided by them.
Step4.   Post those links on your FB or Twitter wall.

How you can Earn?
ü  Likes are the money you get here (i.e., likes are directly proportional to your money).
ü  If your friend or any other who see your ad and if they like it you will be paid.
ü  If you have a strong social build up, you can earn through this.

Tip:  Make a gentle agreement with your friends, if they like your ad, you like them; thereby you can get more likes and can earn money.

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