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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Generate and Read your own QR code

QR code
Where to create the QR codes?
Want to create QR code? QR codes can be created easily, quickly and for freely.  They can be saved on your PC as PDF file or PNG/JPEG image files.  We can create it in sites like or or from

  You can generate a QR code pointing to a website, to a Google maps location, with plain text, linking to your Twitter or Facebook page or to directly update a social network by just scanning the code.  Type the relevant information in the respective boxes on the website and it will generate your QR code instantly.

  If you want to customize the size of QR code by making it little out of the ordinary, you can change the background or foreground color and add a photograph or logo into the code.  If you want to read your QR cone you need a QR scanner app on your smartphone.

What are QR code scanner apps available?
Google Goggles and NeoReader are the free apps that work well on Android, iOS and Windows phones.   If you have a BlackBerry, check out QR code scanner Pro.

How to scan the QR code?
If you want to read your QR code all that you need to do is launch the app, point the phone's camera towards the code and it will automatically show you the contents.  You need a working data connection in order to view or act on the info's provided.

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