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Monday, 6 August 2012

How Usain Bolt Run's faster? In term's Science and Myself

   Usain Bolt only the second Olympian in modern Olympics who defended his title for second consecutive time.  But how can he runs in such a fast on tracks, science and researches says, that in scientific terms let's here it first, later i tell you his much know secret.

In Scientific Term:
   This 25 years old dasher won the gold medal in Beijing Olympics with a record breaking time of 9.69 seconds, later in 2009 world championships in Berlin, he once again breaks his record to 9.58 seconds.

   What makes his such a special athlete,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology mechanical engineer Anette Hosoi says that, Bolt's speed relays on his strength and his height.  He can able to generate the speed and maintain that speed.  Another fact is Bolt was taller than his companions on the track, he is 6 feet and 5 inch tall.  With this tall Bolt takes only 41 steps to run, but normal sprinters take an average of 44 step.

  "If you're off by few milliseconds when you're generating these forces during a race you'll get injured yourself", Hammer told to NSF(National Science Foundation).

   Bolt once again dashed his competitors in London last night, but he had some tough competitors like Justin Gatlin,Tyson Gay, Bolt's fellow Jamaican Yhoan Blake who beat Bolt in both 100 and 200 meter sprint at Jamaican Olympic trials.  He clock 9.75 seconds in 100 meter.

According to me:
   His hard work and perseverance makes him better than best.  What you say?


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