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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mars Rover Curiosity under the Radar of Anonymous Hackers

  NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity now facing a new  threat of hacking from the notorious group of hackers, so called Anonymous, a US security firm has claimed.

 Anonymous had group of expert hackers who are reportedly brought down website including Visa and several US government sites as a protest against Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange's arrest, and Curiosity could be their next target, the Daily Mail reported.

Anonymous Hackers
 A New York security firm claimed to have spotted a message on an Internet Relay Chat asking for help to hack into the signals NASA uses to communicate with the Curiosity rover.

 Flashpoint partners spotted a message by user 'Mars Curiosity' in one of the Anonymous related IRC channels that it monitors known as the AnonOps IRC channel.

 "Antone in Madrid, Spain or Canberra who can help to isolate the huge control signals used for the Mars Curiosity system please?" the message says.

 "The Cypher and hopping is a standard mode, just need base frequency and recording feed of the huge signal going out. (yes we can spoof it both direction)," it added.

There is a huge speculation by online discussion groups that the message could be a fake, or even an attempt by law enforcement agencies to trap hackers, the report said.

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