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Friday, 10 August 2012

Will Facebook Resurrect Postcards?

   Facebook brings in a new feature for it's user.  Facebook testing this feature of turning your Facebook photo into a physical postcards which can be sent to your friends.

   So according to source "only available to a select number of Facebook users".  This feature allows Facebook users to send any of their own photos to friends.  You can't send photos from a fan page or any other public photos.

   It is a three step process with a easy user interface which make you to send a postcard photo to the people you know and surprise them.

   It was just like a vintage postcard, the photo will be displayed on the front of the card, and your message to your friend on the back of  photo.  This postcard feature will make you to type your friend's address or if you don't know his/her address they will ask for that.

   This service was provided by Sincerely, the company which at the back's postagram, allows you to send instagram photos as postcard from your iPhone.

   What do you think will it be a resurrection for postal system?

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