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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rain Catcher Coat won't makes you Thirst

Raincoat what we heard a lot in rainy days, but the new one is The Rain-catch coat, of course we all gonna catch the rain water.  This coat collect rain water and purify them into drinkable water.  Can't understand? OK  then let me rephrase it.

  A Rain-catch coat which you can wear in rainy days means you don't need any water bottle.  This coat will collect the rain water which falls on coat and covert into drinkable one.  This was an invention of Two CIID students, named as Joshua Noble and Hyeona Yang.

  Though it looks like an ordinary raincoat, but it is completely different from rest of rain coats.  Rain-catch have a detailed water purifying system in it.  The collar will collect rain water then pass it through a charcoal filters and chemical purifying system.  Then purified water will be stored in pockets around the shoulders and the wearer can take sips any time through a series of plastic tubes placed on coat.  The design of this outfit looks complex, but the output it produces are totally satisfying one.  Hat's off two those buddy's. 

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